About B Weezy

B WeezyBenjamin Weiss, professionally known as “B Weezy”, is a 12-year-old rapper / songwriter from Long Island, New York. A huge fan of hip hop, B Weezy started off by rapping along to his favorite rappers music and free-styling his own lyric to their beats.

During the summer of 2012, B Weezy decided to take his career to the next level with artist development at The Loft Sound Studio in Plainview, NY and began filming full music videos to his cover songs.

Original lyrics, original style, original personality; through B Weezy’s originality, his views started to slowly rise on YouTube. Each video more successful than the previous, B Weezy not only started to gain fans and exposure, he was developing his skills as a rapper, songwriter, producer, and most importantly: as a professional recording artist.

His talent and notoriety helped B Weezy gain the interest of a Newsday reporter. He was interviewed, and made the cover of the part 2 section of Newsday. Today, B Weezy has over 100,000 views combined on his videos on YouTube. He is currently filming his own online webisode show called “A Day In The Life of B Weezy” which will air throughout the summer of 2013. His debut album is more than halfway complete. B Weezy is excited to finally give his fans his own original music. “Doing covers are fun, but they’re not all me,” he says. “I’m excited to finally put out my own music because it will really be all mine.”

Be on the lookout for the young and talented up and coming rap superstar, “B Weezy!”