August 16, 2013

Special Force for the Max Cure Foundation


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Dunk Your Kicks! For Pediatric Cancer

Dunk Your Kicks is a unique fundraising opportunity because we are not asking you to reach into your pockets and donate cash. Instead we ask that you clean your closets of used sneakers and athletic shoes, and that you Dunk Your Kicks for pediatric cancer. This program would not work without the support of the community and the individuals who drive these campaigns. Thus the Dunk Your Kicks Special Forces was born.

B Weezy Is A Dunk Your Kicks Ambassador

B Weezy hopes to inspire kids to donate their sneakers to kids less fortunate to benefit pediatric cancer. Recently he kick-started a campaign at his school launching Dunk Your Kicks, and he hopes to rally other boys and girls to get involved in philanthropy and make a difference in the lives of other children who are fighting this disease. Click here to learn more about the cause and how to get involved!

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